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Greener Interiors

05 - Mar - 2015

We are a family landscape and floristry company offering a wide range of services for business and private clients.


Welcome to Greener Interiors

Florists in Newcastle


Greener Interiors have been in the florist industry. For over 25 years, now the proud owners of flowers in The City. We have become the biggest commercial florist's in the North East, dedicated to providing floral arrangement for any occasion serving most of the larger hotels and corporate events in the North East, and for some very prestigious clients including HRH The Queen, the Prime Minister, Princess Anne and even Ronan Keating.

Flowers in Medburn


We are dedicated to providing superb quality flowers with long life span and at a great price to suit any occasion.

Delivery Service


Greener Interiors and Flowers In The City are members of Flowers Direct and network which enable us to provide a UK wide and international delivery service, and not having the larger overheads of a shop this is reflected on our prices.

Please do enjoy our website.

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